Border Leicester

We have a flock of natural colored BL, these are a large breed with wonderful wool. It is so popular with handspinners because of several reasons: the fiber is long, adult 7-8" and lamb 4-5"; little grease which means less shrinkage and less loss from raw weight to clean weight; the wool has a luster that is hard to discribe but you will know what I mean once you see it; the natural colors range from white to black, with rich grays in between. We try to keep brown out of the flock, no ewes are kept for breeding if they have brown in their fleeces. We try our best to keep the wool as clean as we canby using sheep coats in the winter when the flock is exposed to hay. We only sell well skirted fleeces. This is a BL ewe who is getting close to shearing time.

Prices for our wool fleeces; white adult $12.00 gray adult $15.00

These prices are per lb. and you may order as much or as little as you want.


Ashford Spinning Fibers. All prices are by the lb. except where noted. You may order with the shopping cart through paypal or you may send payment to the address below or you may call with your visa or mastercard info.

Merino carded sliver, drawn, white $22.50 NZ carded sliver gray $17.50
New Zealand Romney carded sliver white $17.50 NZ carded sliver dark gray $17.50

Mohair: Combed top dyed black $24.00

Combed top white $18.50

NZ combed top Jacobs sheep $15.80 Alpaca: Super fine white top $44.00

Flax: Combed flax top natural color $14.00


Camel Down $16.00 for 8 oz

Silks: Tussah combed tops cinnamon $52.00

Bomyx bells (caps) $4.50/oz

Tussah combed tops light $3.50/oz

Bomyx silk/merino 50/50 combed top $4.50/oz.

Bombyx silk/kid mohair 50/50 top $4.00/oz



This is our hand dyed Corriedale combed top that is dyed in all the colors of the Rainbow, if you would like a color combination that you don't see here, contact us and we will custom dye at no additonal fee. The fiber is dyed with the wool acid dyes that we sell on our site, after it is dyed it is pre-drafted to make an easy to spin fiber that makes truely unique yarn. Cick onto the discriptions below to see the colors and then use your back button on your browser to return to this page. There is approximately 4 oz of fiber in each pack of Rainbows $15.95

Pastel Blues

Soft Blues and Purples

Cool Hues

Darker Blues/Purple

Northwoods Greens

Greens / Blues

Sunshine on Leaves

Lt Green/Blue

Sunny Blush

Yellow with hints of Red

Little Girls Pink



Rich Burgundy

Earth Tones


Red Barn Farm Home

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