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David 70 (27") with the new Beater. The David, a unique sinking shed jack loom, has become a popular small floor loom on today’s market. Weaving on this loom gives you a real appreciation for the word balance. “Balance” is the key in this design. Louet engineers skillful design has created a sturdy, well-balanced and easy to treadle loom. Technically, the David is a compactly constructed floor loom that takes less floor space, but still has many of the same features of a large floor loom. The “David” uses an ingenious but simple to understand system of springs and pulleys, which produces a generous shed with remarkable light treadling. The David has a built-in raddle and shelf and comes standard with four harnesses and six treadles. It is expandable with an addition of four harnesses and 5 treadles to eight harnesses with 10 treadles. The tie-up is made to the metal parallel lams, which can be tied either singly or in combinations, allowing for unbalanced weaves not possible on the usual kind of sinking shed loom, the counterbalance type. This loom comes unassembled $3955.00

The David 90 is 36 inch weaving width. The back beam of this loom folds up to save space while the loom is idle. It also passes easily through any standard door frame. Dimensions: David 70 is 87 cm (35”) wide and David 90 is 107 cm (42”) wide, 127 cm (50”) high and 85 cm (34”) deep and 65 cm (26”) folded. $4375.00

Delta 110 The Delta's treadles are hinged from the back allowing for a very light weight treadling action. The DELTA is a modern parallel counter marche loom based on the HOLLANDIA, which it replaces, and the very successful SPRING. The DELTA is easily recognizable as the flagship for the LOUET line of Floor looms. Comfortable, robust and technologically advanced, but above all a weaver's loom. Warp tension can be adjusted by fine increments to insure the tension is just the way you want it. The floating breast beam insures tension is returned to exactly the same tension as you had before you advanced the cloth. Tie ups are easy. Every treadle is tied to every harness which means you only have to depress one treadle at a time. All treadles work the same way across the full width of the loom because of the parallel system. Also, all lams are horizontal which makes changing tie-ups quick and easy. For individual comfort, blocks are available to adjust treadle height. Harnesses are adjustable to allow you to create slack in the heddles for easier threading and tighten them for weaving. The brake system on the DELTA is a friction brake system on the warp beam, which is sturdy and easy to operate. A convenient advancing system is provided on the cloth beam.



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