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  1. Drumcarder Our drumcarder is well designed and efficient to make your carding time productive, adjustment-free and enjoyable. The non-slipping gears are enclosed in a gearbox and require no additional lubrication or adjustment. It comes with table clamps, doffer brush, doffer pin and instructions. The extra long teeth the wide 8" drum allow this carder to produce thicker and longer batts than conventional carders.
    Fine cloth (45teeth/sq inch) $795.00
  2. Roving Carder Junior The batts produced on this 10 cm (4) wide carder weigh as much as the batts produced on a traditional full size carder. The higher teeth, 13 mm (1/2) and the greater diameter 25 cm 10) make this possible. The carder gets its name from the 10 cm (4) wide roving like batts it produces. The drum size is 25 x 10 cm wide (10 x 4 wide). $605.00
  3. Electric 8" drumcarder. This convennient carder has the same specifications as our standard drumcarder with fine carding cloth. It is has a 1/2 hp motor, 110 volts. $2675.00




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