Kromski Folding Harp Forte looms from RED BARN FARM


The Kromski rigid heddle loom does that, with several innovative features. The Kromski Harp Forte has a warping board integral to its design; turn over the loom and you can make your warp (five yards plus). When you get ready to travel, take your Harp with you; it folds to be more compact (with the warp attached) and fits neatly into the Kromski tote bag (optional). The overall look of the Harp Forte is also striking; European alder wood with a clear finish, lots of curves and turned pieces. Your Harp comes with a 8-dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, a pick-up stick, threading hook, 2 clamps, a warping peg, warping board pegs and the very helpful “Warp Helper”. The Kromski Tote, extra heddles, extra heddle blocks (for more complex weaving) and stands are available separately. Loom sizes: 16", 24" and 32" (actural weaving widths are slightly smaller). You will weave great music on the Kromski Harp!

Folded, the Kromski Harp Forte will store easily or allow you to transport it to workshops, to the cabin in the woods, or to the beach.

The Kromski loom does double duty as a warping board. Create a small warp or a large one, but you don't need to purchase extra equipment to do it. For weaving instructors and stores giving classes, The Harp Forte is the perfect loom to get students weaving. Each loom has everything a beginner needs for a class. And when the class is adjourned for a week, or when it is over, let them take it home as a "keeper."



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