We are very pleased to be carrying the Swedish Glimakra Looms & all their accessories.

Now available, the new Julia Floor Loom

Click onto the picture to see a larger version. The new Julia loom is Glimakra's latest floor loom addition to their line of fine floor looms. It is a counterbalance loom that weaves 26 inches wide. It comes with a DVD and written instructions so that you can learn to weave on your own. It is a 4 shaft 6 treadle. It includes a reed, 500 heddles, 24 beaming sticks, lease sticks, shaft holders and sley hook. Although Julia is a small loom, it has advantages over other small looms. Julia is comfortable for weaving because the treadling is easy, even when barefoot. The shafts move easily in response to your treadling. The hanging beater is easier on your hands and shoulders and it hangs back, out of the way. A beater cradle is provided so that you can advance the beater, so you don't have to advance the warp so frequently. The high breast beam gives more leg space and comfort for treadling and treadle tie-up. Julia produces a high quality weave. You can tighten the warp threads for better sheds. The warp threads stay tight for easier shuttle throwing, without skipped threads. And, the hanging beater makes it easier to get an even beat. Julia is compact and sturdy. It goes through a doorway and is light weight for easy moving. The loom stays stable and there are no wing nuts which can loosen as you weave. It is easy to take apart and stores in a small space when apart. Julia is comfortable for warping. The reed is easy to remove from the beater; there are no bolts to remove or wing nuts to loosen. The beater is easy to remove from the loom; just lift it off. It is easy to add heddles or to remove them, even during threading, since the shafts have open sides and are easy to access. You never need to count heddles. Texsolv tie-up cord is adjustable and you can tie up the treadles to the height you like. The Texsolv plastic pins mean that there are no knots to tie. You can sit in comfort to thread the heddles and sley the reed. Price is $1,650.00 with free shipping. The loom with 4 shaft 6treadle countermarch is $1,750.00. Also available in 8 shat 8 treadle countermarch $2,000.00

Each Standard floor loom comes with a bench included, free shipping on the floor looms.

These looms have a long standing reputation in the world of weaving as extremely well made, easy to use, sturdy looms. The hanging beaters make beating easier and give a good sound beat to your weaving web.

A firm beat with the hanging beater is effortless since the swinging motion produces the momentum to get the firm beat without using force on your part. A light beat for open weaving is also easy to control. They are a deep loom which gives you much more weaving area before you have to advance the warp.

Treadling is easier and more comfortable on a Swedish loom. The treadles are attached at the rear of the loom which gives the treadling a light touch. They are also close together so that you can feel them with your feet and move from one to the other without looking at them. This closeness is also an advantage when you are using many treadles, as they will be close together and easy to reach. If treadles are too far apart, the outside treadles will be too far away. This causes you will be off balance and you may have to look at them to find the right one.

Swedish looms have counterbalance or countermarch systems of moving shafts. These systems give you the very best weaving with no sticking of warp threads, sure responsive treadling and the most quiet system available. It is the best way to weave tight weaves such as rugs and is also the best for fragile warp threads. These are the best systems for developing a rhythm in weaving motions. Tie-ups are made with Texsolv cord, which you can purchase by the yard or in the form of tie-up kits. The Texsolv cord is much easier to tie than ordinary cord, and is very easy to adjust. Swedish looms are quiet, have clear trouble free sheds and very light treadling.

Click on picture to see larger picture. Glimåkra Standard Loom

The Glimåkra Standard is a sturdy, versatile loom. It is well proportioned, comfortable and extremely easy to treadle. It has the hanging beater for easy beating, good beater height for even beating, comfort from a high breast beam and it will produce beautiful woven items from sheer fabrics to rugs. It can have from four to twelve shafts. On special orders, the Standard loom can have 16 shafts and 16 treadles. Delivery of looms takes approximately two weeks, for counterbalance and countermarch looms from 4 to 10 shafts. It can be countermarch or counterbalance. The countermarch tie up is a good choice if you want to have more than four shafts. The counterbalance is easy to tie up when you want to weave with four shafts. It can have a flying shuttle, sectional beam and a double back beam. The Standard loom can also be fitted with a drawloom, a single unit harnesk or a shaft drawloom with up to 50 shafts and up to 100 shafts on the larger loom. Glimåkra Counterbalance Loom The photo has four shafts tied up with counterbalance pulleys and counterbalance horses. The Standard is manufactured in three weaving widths, 120 centimeters (47") 59" frame width, weight: 232 pounds 150 centimeters (59") 72" frame width, weight: 254 pounds 160 centimeters (63") 78" frame width, weight: 264 pounds. The Standard loom is 56" deep. The warp beam and bench extend beyond this measurement. The frame is 4 or 5" wider than the weaving width, and the beater and ratchet wheels extend beyond the frame, adding to the width of the loom. The frame height is 5' 2" high with the top of the beater extending the height to 5' 10". The warp and cloth beams are 12" in circumference. The breast beam is 2 3/8" x 3 1/8" and has a fabric protector. The breast beam is 36" off the floor. The frame uprights are 1 5/8" x 4 1/2". It comes with a bench, 1000 Texsolv heddles which are kind to warp threads, Texsolv cord tie-up kits which simplify the tie-up, instruction booklet, lease sticks, shaft holders, 48 warp sticks for beaming the warp, and rubber floor protectors.




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