Leclerc Floor and Gobelin Looms from Red Barn Farm

We sell the full line of Weaving Equipment and Supplies from this highly respected company that gives you a loom that is affordable yet is of the highest quality to be found anywhere today. Made in Canada from the finest Maple hardwood. Click onto the pictures to see a larger view and then go "back" on your browser to return to this page. Free Shipping

Compact Floor Loom 24" weaving width

These looms now come with wheels on back posts. This jack-type floor loom is light but solid, and easily movable when folded. It is especialy designed for  workshops and demonstrations. To fold, slightly unscrew the two handles on the sides of the loom and slide them up. It can be folded without trouble even after weaving has started. Standard Equipment:  Steel reed, 12dents/inch, 10½" wire heddles, 1 boat shuttle, 1 reed and heddle hook,  2 metal lease sticks, 2 beam sticks with cords, 2 metal warp rods. Assembling Instructions and the Book "Warp and Weave"
4 SHAFT LOOM $1495.00  8 SHAFT LOOM $1980.00



Nilus ll Jack-Type with Back Hinge Treadles

The new design features the Treadles anchored at the rear of the Loom, with a new, unique, Rocker mechanism that insures even tension on all treadle cords with the treadles in both the rest or depressed position. This new design provides the weaver with the ease of leg treadling multi Shaft designs, comparable to that of a 4 shaft. In additition, we experience a wide , clean shed on all Shafts.

By following a new procedure, the new Treadle design retains the folding feature designed into the original Nilus II. 8shaft 36" $3840.00, 45" $4284.00, 60" $4840.00



Fanny II Counterbalance Looms.

All "Fanny II" model Looms incorporate Leclerc's exclusive Shed Regulator. This unique mechanism provides a quick simple switch from balanced to unbalanced weaves with a minimum of adjustment, providing the same versatility as a Jack Loom but with the advantage of full control over top and bottom Shed openings offered by the Counterbalance design. The Counterbalance Shed is wide and clean on every pick over the full range of 4 Shaft weaves including the higher tension Rug designs. For the full range of 4 Shaft Fabrics, the "FANNY II" is the choice for price and performance. Available in 36"$2855.00 45"$3175.00 and 60" $3500.00

Gobelin Tapestry Loom
If you want the ulitimate in a tapestry loom, then the Gobelin is the loom for you! The picture above shows the loom without the shafts, shed is produced by pickup or string heddles. Click onto the picture to see a larger view. A very simple loom, completely vertical. Material is stretched from one beam to the other.
Standard Equipment:
  » 1 wood tapestry bobbin  » 1 doz plastic tapestry bobbins  » Cords  » Instruction
 » Depth: 20 (51cm) » Height: 72 (183cm) available in 36" $5040.00, 45" $2195.00. 60" $2440.00 and 100" $5995.00

  Gobelin loom with:
  ---2 Shaft frame
  ---1 Beater
---2 Two treadles to make a shed
  This loom can be used to make tapestries or rugs
  With 200 heddles and a reed 6 dent per inch. Available in 36" $3100.00 , 45" $3375.00 and 60" $4060.00




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