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We sell the full line of Weaving Equipment and Supplies from this highly respected company that gives you a loom that is affordable yet is of the highest quality to be found anywhere today. Made in Canada from the finest Maple hardwood. If you have a question about any of these products please contact us and we will do our best to answer any and all questions. There are more models of looms that aren't on my website, please ask if there is something you want that you don't see here.

Voyageur Table Loom

9 1/2" loom $885.00 and the 15 3/4" loom is $885.00 We know this will be a very fast seller. Take a look at this fantastic table loom. It has 8 shafts, levers are on the front so it is easy for a weaver to use whether they are left or right handed. The loom folds up with the work in progress and fits into its own bag that comes free with the loom. This loom will fit under the seat of most commercial airliners. This beauty will go to class with you and home with ease as it weighs only 16 lb (20.5 lb) It comes in either 9 1/2" or 15 3/4" weaving width. Our Voyageurs are set up with Levers starting with #1 on the right(standard). If you prefer we can set your Loom up with #1 Lever starting on the left at no extra charge. In addition for those that choose, the new Swinging Beater are available at no extra charge. For those that prefer even greater versatility, the Swinging Beater is also available in a Kit. The Beaters can be interchanged in a few minutes. Standard equipment is a reed, 300 heddles (9 1/2") 400 heddles (15 3/4"), these are inserted eye heddles but texsolv are available at the same price. 1 boat shuttle (new slim one), 1 reed and heddle hook, 2 metal lease sticks, warp & cloth roll lashing system, transfer heddles bars, instructions and the book "Warp and Weave" That is quitea deal! This is the bag that comes with the loom

Dorothy Table Loom

A table loom that is operated by side levers. The 4 harness model folds for easy storage or carrying. The loom comes with reed of your choice and wire heddles.

Dorothy; 15 3/4"; 4 harness $750.00

Dorothy; 15 3/4"; 8 harness $1020.00



Look at this great compu dobby loom. 16 shafts operated by an interface box that is self contained. It is designed to operate with future Leclerc computer units being designed for the Nilus, NilusII, Nilart and Colonial looms. Supported by both Mac and PC software. This package includes galvanized steel reed, 1,000 inserted eye heddles, one boat shuttle, one reed/heddle hook, 2 metal lease sticks, 2 beam sticks, instructions and a copy of "Warp and Weave," The stand is also included



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